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Around 150 people participated in the workshops organized by ROMEO in the frame of the Wind Europe Offshore 2019 event in Copenhagen held between the 26th and 28th of November. At only half way of its life-cycle, the project (2017-2022) - supported by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission - has already made significant advances in data modelling and processing and in the establishment of architectures for the condition based maintenance for offshore wind farms.
The final period of testing of our new method for combating varroatosis and our new beehive built in accordance with this method, is ending.
The results of the hive inspection during the first cold snaps, when the day and night temperatures dropped below 0 degrees Celsius, were quite expected. The readings of temperature sensors showed that the cluster of wintering bees become denser, and the temperature gradients increased significantly.
The essence of this theory is that the generation of acoustic signals of low frequency by the bees occurs in the process of heating the nest. Moreover, the place for generating these signals is primarily the lower bars of the frames, where old worker bees are gathering, which are at the moment free from work.
Small woodlands in farmland have more benefits for humans per area, compared to large forests according to a new study. The small woodlands, sometimes even smaller than a football field, can easily go unnoticed in agricultural landscapes. Yet, these small forest remnants can store more carbon in the topsoil layer, are more suitable for hunting activities and host fewer ticks than large forests.
To make the right diagnosis when meeting patients and provide support for medical decisions, healthcare staff need to stay abreast of the development of new research and practical applications in various areas of care. A new thesis from Umeå University shows how such systems can be designed.
The findings of Kevin Vikström's thesis from a coastal area in the Baltic Sea show that a decrease in nutrient salts, and thereby growth, does not necessarily reduce oxygen consumption. Kevin Vikström proposes a new perspective of marine environmental management, where maintenance respiration must be taken into account. He will defend his thesis on 9 November at Umeå University.
Data traffic management will grow like wildfire with future self-driving cars, smart video surveillance and automated factories. In his thesis, Amardeep Mehta developed methods to optimally allocate resources to next generation applications in distributed "Mobile Edge Clouds". They are a kind of infrastructure with large centralised data centres combined with distributed computing capacity linked by 5G networks.
Astrobiologists are looking for the origins of life and are trying to understand how life has developed and its potential to survive and evolve – here on Earth or elsewhere. "It's very exciting!", says microbiologist and astrobiologist Natuschka Lee, who has been employed as a researcher at Department of Ecology and Environmental Science since the autumn of 2015.
Researcher Suna Bensch comes from Germany and investigates talking social robots. A talking social robot is a machine that adheres to our social codes and communicates with us on our terms.