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The first trial licence in Europe for a cognitive radio system based on geolocation granted for TUAS...
Almost a hundred students participated in TUAS International Summer School. Alongside studying the students learnt from each other's cultures and got to know the Finnish way of life. The TUAS International Summer School was organised for the third time.
On Researcher’s Night everyone can be a researcher for one night and see how it impacts our everyday life. The audience can participate in scientific demos and ask the scientific questions they've always wanted but never dared to ask!
Innovation activities were in the forefront at the opening of the academic year. Other themes included enhancing the completion of studies and increasing external funding and adult education.
Management representatives from universities in the Southern Brazilian region Rio Grande do Sul ...
The SUSBIO project develops biogas production from community and industry materials that are otherwise untapped. Now SUSBIO offers a unique opportunity to participate in a tour to Turku’s biogas production sites.
The adult education in Health Care will start its third international week on 24 September 2012 ...
TUAS International Week, which is now organised for the fourth time, takes place 16-20 April. Most of the visitors come from Europe, but there are also participants from China and the USA. In addition to TUAS’s operations, the guests get to know businesses in Southwest Finland and the Finnish culture.
Are you interested in design and social science?Then read about RUC's new education, 'Spatial Designs and Society' here >You can also read more about the programme in this folder >You can also read more about the programme on Facebook >
The students in Product Design have found accountability as a theme interesting yet challenging. During the project, TUAS has collaborated with a Brazilian university, Universidade de Caxias do Sul.