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2011-10-18Foreign Students Met the Rector of Šiauliai University and NATO Soldiers
2011-09-15The New Year of Studies has Begun Convivially
2011-09-29 Šiauliai and Kent University (USA) Meeting  of Collaboration
2011-10-05 The Participants of the Project Were Taught of How to Sew Ethnical Lithuanian Shoes "Vyžos" and How to Make Paper
2011-10-05Prof. S. C. Ramer Introduced the Interpretation of Russian History in USA
2011-10-04The PhD Dissertation was Defended
2011-10-05"The Night of Explorers" Invited to Take an Interest in Scientific Discoveries
2011-10-05ES Ambassador Vygaudas Ušackas Shared His Impressions about Afghanistan
2011-10-06Erasmus Mobility Issues were Discussed in PRIME Conference in Lithuania