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Time: Fri 2019-02-01 14.00 Location: A124, Osquarsbacke 5, plan 1, KTH Type of event: Licentiate seminars
Reduction of Limited Angle Artifacts in Medical Tomography via Image Reconstruction
Multi-view Data Analysis Cao, G. 9 Jan 2019 Tampere University. 64 p. (Tampere University Dissertations; vol. 6)
Functionality of Genetic Circuits at Fluctuating Temperatures
Time: Fri 2019-02-15 14.00 Location: Room Q2, Malvinas väg 10 Type of event: Licentiate seminars
Time: Thu 2019-02-14 15.00 Location: sal FB52, AlbaNova universitetscentrum, Roslagstullsbacken 21, Stockholm Type of event: Licentiate seminars
Time: Wed 2019-01-23 15.00 - 16.00 Location: V33, Teknikringen 72 Type of event: Lectures and seminars
Time: Thu 2019-01-31 10.15 Location: Sal F3, Lindstedtsvägen 26, KTH Type of event: Dissertations
On Thursday 6 December Gr3n won the Innovation Radar Prize at the major ICT 2018 event in Vienna, Austria, for their technology which increases both the proportion of PET/polyester that can be recycled and the quality of the recycled plastics. CORDIS had a front row seat.
The discovery of a rare, expensive blue pigment in the fossilised dental plaque of a woman suggests female artisans and scribes weren’t as uncommon as previously thought.