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A team of researchers have proposed a new test that rapidly examines dogs for exposure to a parasite transmitted by sand flies. The test could be used in monitoring the effectiveness of sand fly control efforts.
The focus of this year's European Mobility Week, from 16 to 22 September, is "mix and move", an encouragement for citizens to change how they travel. Boosting electric mobility is crucial for this, and Valladolid, Spain, is testing solutions and aiming to be a "lighthouse" city for clean transport in Europe.
By organising this OpenCourseWare (OCW) Competition, the SlideWiki Consortium invites participants to create and import high-quality educational content in the SlideWiki platform. This educational content will have the form of slide presentations and will be directly related to secondary education, vocational and professional training, higher education and/or community-driven open education with contributions from academics, teachers and learners with disabilities.
Severe winters combined with heat waves and droughts during summer in Europe. Those were the consequences as the Atlantic Ocean heat transport nearly collapsed 12,000 years ago. The same situation might occur today, according to a new study published in Nature Communications.
Researchers have shown that city size is a significant factor in determining migration patterns.
In a South African cave, archaeologists claim to have found the earliest known drawing made by humans.
On Thursday 11 October, key industry players, researchers and regulatory bodies met in Madrid to discuss opportunities arising from the bio-based industry sector and discover the cutting-edge products and processes that will shape the Spanish bioeconomy of tomorrow.
28.03.2017 08:00–16:15 Other event National Museum / Kansallismuseo Ihmiset mittaavat itseään erilaisin tavoin, mm. älyrannekkeilla. Miten tämä toimii työympräistössä? Tapahtuma on osa Tietotyön vallankumous -tutkimushanketta. People measure themselves in many ways, e.g., using intelligent bracelets. How is this working in a work environment? The event is part of the project Revolution of Knowledge Work.
03.04.2017 09:15–10:00 HIIT seminar Konemiehentie 2, seminar room T5