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In his doctoral dissertation at Umeå University, Jakub Krzywda has developed models and algorithms to control tradeoffs between the power consumption of cloud infrastructures and performance of hosted applications, and by that enable safe and efficient operation under a limited power budget.
Autonomous systems can increase performance, reduce injury risk, save energy and money, and reduce the need for labor in agriculture and forestry. Ahmad Ostovar has developed methods and algorithms for systems with the capacity for automatic detection and recognition of objects in outdoor environments. He defends his thesis on December 5 at Umeå University, Sweden.
Time: Tue 2020-06-09 14.00 Location: zoom link for online defense (English) Type of event: Public defences of doctoral theses From rhetoric towards a potential reality
The ERC has awarded one of its prestigious Advanced Grants to the leader of the Carbon Bionanotechnology group and Ikerbasque professor Maurizio Prato. The e-DOTS project is aiming to synthesise luminescent carbon nanoparticles with useful properties for bioimaging and catalysis purposes.
Renewable energy communities are going to be a reality in Europe soon, pushed by the recent Clean Energy Directive approved in late 2019. The EU Commission is showing an increasing commitment in the energy transition. The RENAISSANCE survey on renewable energies and community-based solutions assesses European citizens’ awareness and expectations concerning LECs and RECs.
The next generation of wearable robots will boost rehabilitation and develop the wider European robotics ecosystem.
The Kempe Foundations have issued a grant, SEK 7.000.000, for 10 postdoctoral fellows in artificial intelligence (AI) and software at Umeå University.
Researchers at Umeå University have released the new library called StarNEig for solving dense nonsymmetric standard and generalized eigenvalue problems.
Partners of an EU-funded initiative say they have laid the groundwork methodology and tools for the design of a near-zero-emission aircraft concept meant for smaller airports.
Umeå University will host and coordinate a SEK 660 million initiative by the Wallenberg Foundations for Humanistic and Social Scientific Research in AI and Autonomous Systems.